Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember what made you happy as a child

Many years ago I heard this, and thought back to what made me happy when I was younger. I always enjoyed playing tennis--everything about it. Just being out on a court made me smile and I would gladly play for several hours a day. I stopped playing when I went to college and didn't play again for over two decades.  When I did resume playing, I found I was thrilled to be back on the court, although my game reflected my lack of play. I started to think of all the benefits to me of playing tennis--it was a social game, provided me with exercise, gave me confidence in my abilities and I loved to wear tennis skirts! And it wasn't only tennis that made me happy when I was younger. I thought back and found other activities that provided me with enjoyment as a child--riding my bike, playing board games, playing in the snow.  Think about what you enjoyed as a child--there's more than a good chance that it will provide you with the same sense of happiness as it did when you were much younger.

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