Monday, February 13, 2012

Grappling with The Gift of Pleasure

Today I am grappling with the whole concept of "The Gift of Pleasure." You know those days, when nothing seems to go right? It's not that everything went wrong, really, it's more a matter of just feeling tired of everything. Obligations, responsibilities, work, people, etc. I organized a pre-Valentines Day dinner for a bunch of gal pals last night at a hibachi restaurant and saved my steak portion for lunch today. And then someone took my lunch! I know it's just a passing phase, but I am feeling a terrific lack of motivation right now. I felt like cooking something earlier, but in reviewing recipes, nothing seems to appeal to me. I got home from work, ate something quickly for dinner, ran out to return an item, pick up my dry cleaning, pay a bill that's due tomorrow and returned home to take a shower and prepare for tomorrow. I'm just feeling like "Is this all there is?" right now. Not even Nova is engaging me. All right, I'm going in search of something interesting right now, even if it means working out or meditating.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Appreciate The People In Your Life

Whether it's family or friends, think of what your life might be without them in it. Chances are everyone who is in your life by your choice is someone who brings something good to it. (this is not referring to the people you have to have in your life.) Perhaps you share similar interests, or you met a long time ago through friends or work and have managed to stay in touch, or think of someone you're related to that you enjoy being with. Whatever the case may be, as I get older I recognize that as cliched as it sounds, 1) Everyone has their issues, 2) Life goes by quickly 3) Most people are just trying to do the best they can.  Tomorrow is my birthday and it only occurred to me yesterday that I'll never hear my Dad sing "Happy Birthday" to me again. He passed away in June and he always sang to me on my birthday (at least twice), usually once when I was at work, as off-key as possible and then a seond time when we would actually get together and celebrate. (Yes at 47, my parents still sing and get together to celebrate.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am trying to come up with a pleasurable treat for myself. Yes, I usually try to do something lovely for myself on my birthday. I am already having dinner with a friend and going to see my orthopedic surgeon. (Whoo-hoo what a celebration.) Where should I indulge myself? Food? Book? Museum? Entertainment? Clothes? Seeing as clothes don't seem to be cutting it for me anymore, that's an easy elimination. Books? I don't seem to buy books anymore as part of my thriftiness--and I love the fact that I'm not adding to my book collection. I actually still have a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate from Christmas that I've yet to use. On second thought, maybe I'll use that tomorrow and indulge myself without spending a dime. I like that idea.