Monday, February 13, 2012

Grappling with The Gift of Pleasure

Today I am grappling with the whole concept of "The Gift of Pleasure." You know those days, when nothing seems to go right? It's not that everything went wrong, really, it's more a matter of just feeling tired of everything. Obligations, responsibilities, work, people, etc. I organized a pre-Valentines Day dinner for a bunch of gal pals last night at a hibachi restaurant and saved my steak portion for lunch today. And then someone took my lunch! I know it's just a passing phase, but I am feeling a terrific lack of motivation right now. I felt like cooking something earlier, but in reviewing recipes, nothing seems to appeal to me. I got home from work, ate something quickly for dinner, ran out to return an item, pick up my dry cleaning, pay a bill that's due tomorrow and returned home to take a shower and prepare for tomorrow. I'm just feeling like "Is this all there is?" right now. Not even Nova is engaging me. All right, I'm going in search of something interesting right now, even if it means working out or meditating.

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