Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reconnnect With Nature

Whether it's a walk through a beautiful park, a seaside stroll on a sunny day or the graceful swaying of tall grasses in the breeze, there is something soothing about the peacefulness and tranquility of our natural surroundings.  Go out for a walk and focus on one thing-one bird, one tree, one squirrel, whatever. Listen to that bird's calls, watch it flit from tree to tree, observe its coloring and allow yourself to be transfixed by just this bird. Engage your senses and allow your mind to wander--for this short time, forget about family, work,  and other distractors.   Close your eyes and breathe deeply--smell the earth, hear your surroundings.  Upon opening your eyes, notice the colors around you, (or lack thereof) the variations of browns and greens and greys.  What I find, is the more time I spend enjoying natural surroundings, the more time I want to spend doing more of the same.  By allowing yourself to reconnect with nature, you acknowledge your place in the universe and the gradiosity of it.  

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